Eye Shadow Kids

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Item Number:  CC30511
Name:  CC30511 glitter high pigment eyeshadow palette
Feature:   Description CC30511 Size L:6.6 W:6.6 H:1cm Capacity N.W.:28.7g G.W.:4.5g
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Item Number:  CC30497
Name:  CC30497 cute glitter cream eyeshadow palette
Feature:  Size L:5.9 W:4.9 H:1.1cm Capacity G.W.:14g N.W.:1G EACH
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Item Number:  CC30483
Name:   Single color eyeshadow palette private label
Feature:  Size L:5.2 W:5.7 H:1.6cm Capacity 3g
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Item Number:  CC30143
Name:  Single color eyeshadow round eyeshadow palette private label
Feature:  Size L:12.6cm D:2.4cm Capacity G.W.:12.5 N.W.:2g
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Item Number:  CC30482
Name:  CC30482 Eyeshadow kids duo color eyeshadow
Feature:  Duo color eyeshadow palette with shiny color which is suitable for kids, high quality silky powder with different colors gives your eyes a new brilliance. Your private label is acceptable. Eyeshadow colors are optional.
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Item Number:  CC30480
Name:  CC30480 12 colors heart shaped cream eyeshadow palette glitter eyeshadow for children
Feature:  12 colors heart shaped cream eyeshadow palette for children. Professional shiny glitter eyeshadow colors collocation with good handle feeling, makes your eyes looks beautiful, and gives you a bright mood. Eyeshadow color is optional.
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