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Item Number:  ZH3096
Name:  ZH3096 cosmetics palette high pigment multi colour eyeshadow
Feature:  ZH3096 cosmetics palette high pigment multi colour eyeshadow Multi colour eyeshadow; High pigment; Cosmetics palette Description ZH3096 Size L:21.9 W:12.9 H:5.9CM Capacity G.W.:680g N.W.:Eyeshadow:0.4g*120 +0.5*12 Blush:1.5*6 Foundation:4g*4 +3g Lipgloss:0.2g*40
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Item Number:  ZH3095
Name:  ZH3095 multi colour high pigment cosmetics palette
Feature:  Description ZH3095 Size L:16.3 W:18 H:2.1CM Capacity G.W.:390g N.W.:Eyeshadow:38.4g Eyeshimmer:6.4g Highlighter and blush powder:21.6g Lipgloss:15g
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Item Number:  ZH3094
Name:   kids lip balm set
Feature:  Size L:10.4 W:5 H:8.7CM Capacity 55g
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Item Number:  ZH3091
Name:   Eyeshadow brush pressed powder cosmetics makeup set makeup palette
Feature:  Size L:16.47 W:7.9 H:1.4CM Capacity Eyeshadow:12g Foundation:10.8g Blush:5g
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Item Number:  RH1200
Name:  RH1200 150g Pink heart shape natural fizzy bath bombs
Feature:  150g pink heart shape natural fizzy bath bombs.Natural ingredients with Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter which takes double moisturing for your skin. Different flavor is available.
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Item Number:  RH1201
Name:  RH1201 Bath salt crystal private label
Feature:  Bath salt crystal private label, different color and fragance is available. Natural formula bath salt takes you comfort bath experience, helps to moisture your skin.
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